What we believe




Founded by professionals with proven experience.
Identify opportunities and investments compatible with what ours investors needs.



There are almost 24 thousand investment funds available on the market, and because of that, the vast majority obtain regular returns.

Our funds are actively managed aggressively, with offshore strategies, accessing assets that enhance their strategies.




A successful investor has several short, medium and long term goals. From this, WNT is able to choose investments for the different terms and manage the terms to reach everyone.Wealth does not come out of nowhere.

A good investor has the patience to understand that making money from financial investments is a long but worthwhile process.

In the investment world, patience is essential for you to get the best return on the market.

And that is why WNT differentiates itself in the market, we know how to choose the right investment for each type of investor.



More than 400 Brazilian companies are listed on the Stock Exchange – B3, in addition to more than 100 shares, indirectly traded, of foreign companies.

These companies provide various types of investments, such as shares, debentures, credit rights, among others.

Among all options, with a critical and analytical eye, we seek the best assets to maximize the profitability of our investment.




The shares when sold, are either at the highest historical price, or a partner will dispose of the position.
That is why we created WNT CAPITAL, to identify opportunities that are not on the shelves of large banks or large assets.

Our main objective is to build robust, feasible investment theses with calculated risk.

In the market, the optimist loses a lot and the pessimist gains little. Be realistic.

— The axioms of the stock exchange Market